ACCA Asia ERM Webcast 10 Dec 2015

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ACCA Asia ERM Webcast 10 Dec 2015.

ACCA ASIA ERM Webcast on “Creating Value Through Effective Enterprise Risk Management”, presented in cooperation with SOA, 10 December 2015

This webcast will provide a discussion of an area of emerging practice to inform actuaries and other interested parties about Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) development, trends and issues, particularly in the Asia region. In a globalised framework of businesses operating within Asia, the risk management issues that emerge in continuum are not necessarily unique to Asia, but do have flavours that require understanding for effective management. This webcast, therefore, discusses certain subjects that are dominating currently in the Asia region and are recommended to all parties involve in ERM, whether Actuaries or other professionals..


    • Tomoya Nomura, PwC Japan will speak on Insurance Regulatory updates from the Asia perspective

    • Julia Zhang, E&Y China will present on the China C-ROSS framework

    • Frank Ashe, Risk consultant Australia will provide insights on the Strategic Decision Making and ERM: Risk assessment with no models and no data?

    • Anu Kukar, KPMG Australia will share her ICAAP experience in Australia

    • Paul King, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries will present on the topic of Perception of CERA

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